The best artwork made for screen printing.

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Man, if you’re looking for amazing t-shirt art then read on! I’m about to lay down the science of how I can design and deliver your custom t-shirts. Don’t need printing and just want some awesome new artwork? No problem. I can create your design and send you the file to work with on your own. It’s all explained herein…


I’ve designed for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. For real! But that’s just a warm up for what I’m going to do for you. I doesn’t matter if you are major theme park or a locally owned restaurant. If you are looking for blazing hot art that people want to buy and wear, I’m here to make it happen. I’m not only an artist, I’m The Tshirt Artist. That means my designs don’t just look great — they look great on the shirt.


Originality is king in the t-shirt biz and my custom designs are created with 100% original hand drawn artwork and even hand lettering when needed. I have the skill and the imagination to make sure there will be no other shirt on the market like yours. That’s what makes me an “Artist” but it’s my experience in every phase of t-shirt production that makes me “The Tshirt Artist”. This is important to you because it’s not enough for your design to look good on a computer monitor — it has to look great on the shirt. From the first line I draw, I’m already planning for how to eliminate errors and optimize printing when the ink hits the cotton. If you are a printer, my art will give you better results with less trouble. If you are ordering through me, your shirts will exceed the highest level of commercial standards.


Here are some examples of my work to whet your appetite but if you really want to gorge yourself, head over to my portfolio page for a real feast for the eyes! All of my designs have the ability to be printed in just 1 color which is a huge advantage in the world of t-shirts because every ink color adds to the cost and complexity of printing. My one-color-advantage means you have every print option available to you. With art this good, all it takes is 1 color to be world class! And when you’re ready, we can add 2, 3 or any number of color possibilities.


This is the first question everyone one wants to know but it’s the last one I can answer because I need to know what you are looking for. Do you need a small logo? A big illustration? Front and back printing? You should check out my PRICING pages because they explain how I add up the cost. Then contact me with your project details so I can give you a specific quote.


Ready to get started? So am I! Use the form on my contact page to get in touch with me. Years of experience in the t-shirt biz have taught me the right questions to ask so I can give you the most useful reply. If you’re not exactly sure of what you need, no worries. Simply choose “I don’t know” wherever appropriate and I’ll take it from there. I’ll guide the process as smoothly as a gondolier ferries his passenger over the Grand Canal of Venice…


Did you send me a contact form? The link is right here if you missed it. That form goes to my email which I will read sometime later today. By now I think you and I have been friends long enough to be honest with each other so I’m going to level with you. I do not monitor my email or even my phone (gasp!). I spend most of my time slaving under the hot lamps of a drawing table and that’s when I’m not sourcing garments, running the web shop, shaking hands and kissing babies. I know we are all busy people but my kind of busy demands both hands and both eyeballs in order to make art. So I check my messages at scheduled times. I do my best to respond to all messages within 24 hours on weekdays.


Of course you do and I’ve got you covered on the social webs. Keep in touch with me through your favorite app. Links are on the sidebar — stage right!

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