I design extraordinary t-shirts. It doesn’t matter if you are a major theme park or a locally owned bar & grill — if you are looking for blazing hot art that people want to buy and wear, I’m here to make it happen. If you are a screen printer who needs art that looks great AND prints great, I speak your language. I’m not just an artist, I’m The Tshirt Artist.



The Best Artwork

100% original, hand-drawn artwork created just for you.

Made For Screen Printing.

If you are a printer, my art will give you better results with easier setup. If you are ordering your printing through me, I will make sure your shirts get the most out of your printing budget.

1-Color Advantage

All my designs can be printed in a little as 1 ink color or add as many additional colors as you like.

Print Ready Color Separation

My files are delivered in vector format, color-separated and ready for film output.


Large Illustration with Hand Lettering

Starts at $420 for black line-art
+ $20 for each additional color

Spot Illustration with Font Lettering

Starts at $220 for black line-art
+ $20 for each additional color


Use the form below to tell me about your project. The more you can tell me, the better I will be able to help with a useful reply.

When you click “submit”, this form will be sent to my email which I will read later today. If you have attachments to send to me, you can do that when I reply to your email. Thank you for contacting me!


The best artwork made for screen printing.